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Savings Verification

Why and how to verify savings resulting from energy efficiency actions.

Acknowledgement: Much of the following information is transcribed from the Efficiency Valuation Organisation (EVO) website, the developer's of the International Performance Measurement and Verification Protocol (IPMVP).

Why do I need to verify savings? Not only is it good practice to confirm that the new energy efficiency measure you implemented is delivering the expected benefits, it is often necessary to confirm it to senior management to justify the investment and/or future investments. M&V (Measurement & Verification) is the tool to help you do this.

EVO's IPMVP framework allows practitioners to develop the right M&V Plan for their building or industrial facility, inspiring confidence in the financial and/or environmental benefits.

Who is EVO? EVO is a non-profit organization with a mission is to ensure that the savings and impact of energy efficiency and sustainability projects are accurately measured and verified, thereby increasing confidence and investment in energy efficiency projects worldwide. Click here to visit EVO's website for more information.

What is IPMVP? IPMVP describes the framework in which M&V activities take place. It describes the contents and requirements of adherent M&V Plans and saving reports based on a clear definition of terms with an emphasis on consistent and transparent methods. IPMVP is a flexible framework and has been successfully applied to all types of energy efficiency techniques, for thousands of projects and programs, large and small, around the world.

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"Energy, water or demand savings cannot be directly measured, because savings represent the absence of energy/water consumption or demand. Instead, savings are determined by comparing measured consumption or demand before and after implementation of a program, making suitable adjustments for changes in conditions. The comparison of before and after energy consumption or demand should be made on a consistent basis, using the following general M&V equation:

Savings = (Baseline Period Energy – Reporting Period Energy) ± Adjustments"

Click to visit EVO here for the complete story.

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Carbonreduction employ CVMPs to help you apply IPMVP to your projects! 
The right to use the CMVP title is granted to those who demonstrate proficiency in the M&V field by passing a four hour written exam and meeting the required academic and professional qualifications. More...

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