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Passive House

Passive House is a building standard that is truly energy efficient, comfortable and affordable at the same time. Passive House is not a brand name, but a tried and true construction concept that can be applied by anyone, anywhere.
(Passive House Institute,

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Passive Houses do not look any different from other buildings. However, on account of their clearly defined energy standard, they exhibit a high level of thermal comfort and extremely low energy consumption. Good planning as well as careful execution of the details is essential in the construction of Passive House buildings. This ensures that the high requirements for the building envelope and technology can be met. As a result, designers and specialist planners need additional expertise .. substantiated with the Certified Passive House Designer
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Passive House saves you money and helps the environment! Up to 90% savings on energy bills and potentially net zero carbon emissions (depending on selected energy sources). The Passive House Standard is not new, neither is it complicated - it is simply common sense. A substantial amount has been written about Passive House and we do not intend to replicate it here. See the key highlights below and for the full story visit: Passipedia - The Passive House Resource

  • ENERGY SAVING - energy savings of up to 90% compared with typical building stock and over 75% compared to average new builds.
  • COMFORTABLE - Passive House buildings are praised for their high level of comfort.
  • AFFORDABLE - Passive House buildings not only save money over the long term, but are surprisingly affordable to begin with. Buildings can be built to Passive House Standard based on existing experience and knowledge in the building sector. All it takes is: specific know-how and best practice building components (i.e. windows, heat recovery units).


Preliminary Review

Design phase assessment of the concepts for the design, insulation and building services, and preliminary calculation of the energy balance using the Passive House Institute’s Passive House Planning Package (PHPP). Output - a report highlighting any issues that are not consistent with the Passive House criteria.

Design Stage Review

Pre-construction review of all energy-relevant planning documents, the technical data of the construction products and update the PHPP calculation as necessary. Review and compare the energy balance calculation. Output - a report highlighting any issues that require attention for consistency with the Passive House criteria.

Building Certification

The Passive House Institute carries out certification according to the Passive House, EnerPHit and PHI Low Energy Building Standards throughout the world. We can assist you in this process directly, or via a Passive House accredited expert to certify Passive House buildings anywhere in the world on their behalf.

Case Study: Passive House EnerPHit Project. 
In this project an ‘abandoned’ family house located in Slovakia was renovated to meet the EnerPHit criteria for residential-use refurbished buildings.

The house was in extremely poor condition at the outset and the aim of the project was to gain practical experience in an EnerPHit refurbishment and the use of ground-air heat exchanger techniques. More.. 
Click the image to view ukpassivehouse conference presentation.

Passive House EnerPHit

Kim Williams MSc Renewable Energy CEnv
Certified Passive House Designer
Kim has been involved in energy efficiency throughout his career and is passionate about sustainable development and human wellbeing, in particular the impacts of energy supply and use in our modern society. He has worked on several low energy building retrofits including a Passive House EnerPHit project in Slovakia.


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