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the Energy Analysis

Software tools for Energy Managers & Consultants

the Energy Analysis: a powerful tool that allows you to reduce the time necessary to perform energy audits by two-thirds and simultaneously makes the audit results more precise and structured. Additionally the software follows the framework prescribed by the ISO 50001 standard and enables large engineering firms and ESCOs to have a standard audit, which saves time and facilitates collaboration between auditors. Compatibility with ISO 50001 also aids companies which want to become certified in the standard by giving them the roadmap necessary for achieving the certification.

The Energy Analysis is a supporting tool for use during an energy audit. The software structure allows analysis of costs and consumption of different energy sources.

* Analyse consumption and costs to identify anomalies, managing all energy audit data in one single file
* Represent the energy consumption baseline and related costs
* Perform internal benchmarking by comparing multiple utilities
Formulate the energy budget
Write energy audit reports
Establish a company-wide standard for the realization of energy audits.

the Energy Analysis

Modular software for energy managers and consultants. Modules to match your needs.

Fast and accurate energy analysis. All the tools necessary to understand how energy is consumed and to identify anomalies.
This module allows you to create professional and accurate energy audits thanks to the large number of pre-compiled graphs and charts that allow you to detect anomalies and to analyze utility bills, consumption, asset and energy drivers.
After importing data in the Audit module (there are no restrictions on entering data) it is possible to gain a global picture of energy consumption and of energy costs with indications of areas with abnormal consumption.

Create models (baseline) for the management and control of energy consumption with powerful tools such as CUSUM charts.
The modeling module will enable your company or your client to forecast and control energy consumption.
The creation of the energy baseline, as per ISO 50001, is obtained through the regression analysis and is a crucial step towards identifying improvements in your energy management system.

The benchmarking module is essential for the evaluation of priorities for action. With this module you can compare several energy users so as to define priorities for action and achieve optimal energy efficiency plans. The module is very useful for those who need to control the energy efficiency of a large number of energy users (e.g. multi-site operations). It allows for their classification, helping to establish priorities for action in order to maximize the return of investment. This is crucial since in some situations it’s not always possible or convenient to carry out a detailed energy analysis for each individual site.

Creation and comparison of different budgets for each energy type. The budgeting module allows you to keep energy consumption costs under control, for your enterprise or for your customer. You can make forecasts of energy costs and compare previously created budgets. In this module it is possible to create a budget for each energy type used in the organisation.
By creating different consumption scenarios, you can develop energy budgets quickly and accurately, in order to guarantee the planning of energy demand and the resources allocation.


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